Welcome to inside the worlds of Curse of Crowns!


The world of Vargha!

In this photo, I combined several sunset pictures that I took at the beach and other various places.  With a little adjustment to their contrast and colors, I was able to capture what I imagined a sunset from the shores of the world Vargha would look like.   



By the seaside in the search for different water routes for trade. The fading light on the route from south to the north would be ideal for sneaking past those who are seeking payment for passage. This area would be further up the coast from Fog-shore and located around mid-north. 


A Witch!

In this image, meet one out of the many characters in my novel series. This is not the main character just the first character that got created by another Artist, Elena Dudina, and she does great work. I look forward to seeing others brought off the pages and to share them with you! 


Trees of Red Pine!

Northeast of Fog-shore and across the sea, trees on the continent of  Red Pine are in full bloom during the summer months. The trees needles are used to make a tea that is bitter to some and sweet to others. The locals say that, the brighter the needles are, the darker the brew color will be.


Castle of Fog-shore!

On the edge of the Marshlands sits The castle of Fog-shore. It is home to many folks of all backgrounds but is ruled by the Alder family. The high council seeks to control the southern water routes and introduce the coin for trade. Ships of all sizes enter through the south gates where they bring their goods for trading.  


Flowers of Argon!

In the world of Argon, A Tavorian named Bralden has learned to take plants and combine them to make his own version of a flower. While other Tavorians are obsessed with jewels of all types. He surprises his love every morning with a different one of his own making.


The Forgotten Forest!

Inside the world of Vargha, The Forgotten Forest separates the north and the south. Those who venture there may find more than what they have bargained for. Join your favorite characters from Curse of Crowns as they are faced with the choice of entering to survive.