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About The Author

 Author Garris L, R. Coleman

Telling a great story is more than entertaining the audience; a truly great story will captivate them and leave the reader wanting to know more, long after the last chapter is read. That is the goal of Author Garris L. R. Coleman with every book he writes.

Born in the beautiful United States, GLRC is a fantasy fiction author, best known for his series Curse of Crowns. The books he creates are meant to draw in the reader to a world outside their everyday life. He’s not looking to educate or sway your mind; GLRC’s mission with his novels is to entertain.

From an early age, GLRC loved using his creativity to entertain others. At just 4 years old, the little boy from Cleveland, Tennessee, taught himself how to play the drums. His love for music continued to grow as he got older. As a teen, he learned to play the guitar and began writing his own songs. He even joined a rock n’ roll band, living out many young kids’ dreams.

After high school, GLRC enrolled at Augusta State University. He continued to pursue his love of sound production and now has learned how to play ten different instruments. He did this all while working full-time.

As a young adult, GLRC discovered another outlet he fell in love with. At 22 years old he began training in martial arts. He has competed in several tournaments since and has even taken 1st and 2nd places for Sparring and Weapons Division. It’s a passion he continues to pursue today.

It wasn’t until GLRC was a father playing video games with his son that he discovered a new career path that really sparked his imagination. These alternate worlds and dramatic storylines were so captivating. He realized he wanted to create fantasy stories that would spark the same excitement these games did for him and his son. He finds inspiration in many places whether it be tenting in the deserts under the stars, exploring the jungles, adventures in the mountains, basking upon the beaches, or cruising along the rivers, he has traveled to many places including China, Japan, Germany, Poland, and Canada which has influenced his creative style and process.

All of this may seem like an unconventional path to becoming an author, but the road GLRC has taken shapes the stories he tells. Every experience has led him to write the imaginative fifteen-book series; Curse of Crowns, and War On All Shores series.

In October 2019, GLRC’s first novel, Curse of Crowns: Kings Transcend, was published. Less than one year later, his second novel, Curse of Crowns: Blood You Will Taste, launched. He is currently busy working on his third installment of the series, Through Devils Eye.

In his free time, GLRC loves spending time with his wife and three kids, playing music, traveling, working on his photography, dabbling in graphic design, and learning computer programming. Love for all the arts catapults him into embracing an author role full of energy and zeal by putting a sense of positive intentions together with liveliness.

He hopes that through his writing readers will feel a spark of imagination for themselves and look forward to reading the next in a series of tantalizing tales by the author.

"Every writer starts with a blank page and filling it with words is easy. Drawing readers into the story is another craft entirely." - Garris L. R. Coleman

Excited to know about a new book by such a passionate writer! Please visit his website, where you can sign up to receive an email when he has his next release.

WIP’ Write in Progress

The next volume of Curse of Crowns is already in the works. 

A photo of Author Garris L. R. Coleman.
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