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Authors Quotes

Quotes From G.L.R.C

Welcome to my Author Quotes page.

I'm so thrilled you decided to visit, thank you. I hope you enjoy and like my sayings. May they bring inspiration and encouragement to you.  

Fun Fact: My favorite quote actually comes from a dry humor movie.     "It's just skin Steven." - Jim Carry, The Cable Guy.

"Every writer starts with a blank page and filling it with words is easy. Drawing readers into the story is another craft entirely." - Garris L. R. Coleman

"To tell a story is to awake creativity." -Garris L. R. Coleman

"Even a broken pencil can be resharpened." -Garris L. R. Coleman

"What you say to others can either make you a villain or the hero." -Garris L. R. Coleman

"Many times reaching the end of a broken road lies the dream waiting for you." -Garris L. R. Coleman  

Quotes From Garris L. R. Coleman

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