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A Bargolian Water Route

In the North, frozen ice creates winding water routes that only the Bargolians know how to navigate through.

Inside the world of Vargha, the Northern land is separated form the Southern region with one of the most dangerous water routes, The Narrow. The Bargolians know how to read the passageway down to each turn, after all they own all of the Northern territory. As a ruthless race, some say their personality are as cold as the land they are from if not colder.

The Bargolians leave their home of Nor-Fall in search of trade and friendship on the surface, but underneath there are always different motives. The king of the Bargolians is not satisficed with only owning their land in the North, he believes his kind owns everything as far as the eye can see and they will stop at nothing until everything is theirs. They have no problems showing that nothing is safe from their grasp.

Within their culture there are three different types of Bargolian's, The first are the ones that will tell you face to face at first meeting them that they are here for your things and what they are going to take and how they are going to wreck havoc. The second kind are the ones that say nothing and attack. The third type are the most dangerous because they are the ones living among others who have gained trust and will slit your throat without thinking twice about it. One of the things the Bargolians like to say to others as a reminder is, that in this life or the next, never trust a Bargolian.

The photos are what I imagine the Bargolian's land and water routes look like. I hope you enjoyed the content and don't forget to subscribe for more.

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