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Home of the Tavorians

Inside the world of Argon lives the race of the Tavorians. They are kind and gentle and never have experienced death in all their days.

Within the story and universe of Curse of Crowns you will soon see that there are many worlds filled with different characters and creatures. Some small, some strange, some normal, and some not so normal. In this particular world called Argon lives the race known as the Tavorians. At first glance, they seem normal and that everything is as it should be until they discover that they are not alone in their universe. The Tavorians love their traditions and the only thing that comes close to it is digging for jewels and displaying them every chance they get. Every where Throughout their land is buried gems, rubies, emeralds, and more that some have never heard of. Even their rivers sparkle with rare diamonds as the light reflects off of them.

Not all Tavorians share the love of digging for the precious gems. One Tavorian has discovered that they all have a special gift within themselves and that they will discover it if they would not focus on the gems so much. This Tavorian decided to use his special gift and uses it in a different way. He loves to take flowers and combine them to make a new type of flower and surprises his wife everyday with a new creation of his own.

The photos are what I imagine the Tavorians lands, Flowers, and gems would look like. I hope you enjoyed the content and don't forget to subscribe for more.

Curse of Crowns Gallery

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