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Misaki From Huron Village

Next to a slow current river, the small village is home to the habitants that are known as the Huron's.

Inside Book one Curse of Crowns Kings Transcend, we meet the character named Misaki. She is the daughter of Oma and like her mother she enjoys helping those that are sick and in need. In the small peaceful village of Huron, she thrives within its calm borders. Throughout Huron Village, guards are constantly checking the surrounding wooden fence for weakness as they try and keep out the Occasional attack from The Cursed. Although the Hurons do leave their village to trade with others nearby, their roads are dirt and mostly overgrown with grasses. The furthest they travel is to the Kingdom Fog-Shore, they trade food and all sorts of grown things. They also trade swords that they make with others from all over the region. The way they fold Huron steal makes for the sharpest edge.

Although Misaki prefers peace and enjoys caring for others, she is married to her husband Taiki who is known for his unmatched sword skills throughout the village. Over the years, she spent a lot of time learning his techniques and together they have perfected the art of sword fighting. Everyone in their village spends time learning these series of movements to better help protect themselves, the land, and their resources.

The photos are what I imagine the lands of Huron Village to look like. Below is a picture an Artist drew based on my descriptions, which she did an excellent job on. I hope you enjoyed the content and don't forget to subscribe for more. .

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