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The Forgotten Forest

Welcome to The Forgotten Forest where anything can happen.

Although shafts of golden light beam through the trees, the shadows of the Forgotten Forest are always trying to expand its reach throughout the surrounding lands. The forgotten Forest occupies a large section of the land inside the world of Vargha. For those that enter its domain risk not ever leaving and escaping its hold on the mind and body. Having a Dark and dingy appearance and a smell of rot, one would have the impression that this forest is dead and could never host life. Underneath its gloomy display there is an abundance of life living in its cursed shadows. Some of the creatures that have lived their entire lives there long for the era that its plague would some day be lifted. Any of those whom share this idea among them must suppress those feelings or the ones that hold all the power will learn of such things and treat it as betrayal.

Whispers and a chilling breeze against the neck will make even the strongest rethink their decision of entering this dreadful place. Often things that happen their will make you question if you really heard what you thought you heard. For the eyes, never trust what you think you have just seen.

All sorts of creatures under a curse live there, but the only creatures that are allowed to leave are those that are called The Cursed. Many of the locals living across different parts of the land all have their name for them and know to stay away by hiding or if they can its better to try to kill them. Those that are left behind in The Forgotten Forest and that are different from The Cursed are not allowed to cross over the threshold of the forest.

The pictures are ideas of what I imagine The Forgotten Forest would look like if you were looking at it in real life. I hope you enjoyed the content and don't forget to subscribe for more.

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