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5 things I learned from writing a book series.

It’s been a little while since I published the second book in my young adult fantasy, and I’ve been reflecting on the lessons I learned during the process of writing and publishing the first two novels. Here are five things that stood out to me:

1. Patience is a virtue (especially when it comes to editing).

Editing is an essential part of the writing process, but it can also be frustrating and time-consuming. In fact, it often takes me longer to edit a book than it does to write it. I’ve learned to be patient with myself during the editing process and not get too discouraged when it feels like I’m never going to finish.

2. You can never have too many beta readers.

A beta reader is someone who reads your work in progress and provides feedback. I’ve found that beta readers are invaluable because they can help you spot errors and inconsistencies that you might not have noticed yourself. I always try to get as many beta readers as possible for each book, and I’m always surprised by how helpful their feedback is.

3. Always be marketing.

There’s no such thing as “too much” marketing when you’re an author. When your book is published, you need to do everything you can to get people to read it—and that means constantly reminding them that your book exists! There are a million different ways to market your book, so it’s important to find the methods that work best for you and your work.

4. Social media isn’t going anywhere.

Social media is a powerful platform for authors, but it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. I’ve learned that social media isn’t going away anytime soon, so it’s important to find a way to use it effectively without letting it consume your life.

5. Writing is a lifelong journey.

One of the best things about being an author is that there is always room for growth and improvement. No matter how successful you become, there will always be more to learn about writing—and that’s what makes it such an exciting journey!

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned from writing a series of books. If you are a writer, what lessons have you learned from your writing journey?

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