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Hello all, and welcome to my official blog!

This is my first attempt at blogging, which I've been wanting to add to my website for a while now. I'm always trying to think of new ideas and ways to improve my website. So, what better way than to do that by adding a blog. Since it's my first post, I'll introduce myself and tell you a little about me. I'm Garris L. R. Coleman, I'm married to my beautiful wife, and we have some funny kiddos. Also, I write Fantasy Fiction.

I love writing in the fantasy fiction genre and coming up with characters, creatures, and new ideas. It's a fun way to escape the everyday troubles that life throws at us. From a young age until the present, I have written several short stories, poems, and songs. I have several hobbies, and each one has led me to where I am today. Here are a few of my hobbies, writing, painting, photography, and music. I will start with the last one. I love to play music and learned to play at least ten different instruments. The first instrument I learned was the drum kit. I started playing at four years old after hearing my dad play rock n roll on the radio. When I became a teenager, I learned bass guitar and guitar. Later on, I learned piano, banjo, cello, mandolin, ukulele, didgeridoo, and a few wind instruments that I don't know their names. I just bought them at the music store. There are a few instruments I would like to learn in the future called the hurdy-gurdy and the sitar, but I'm in no hurry. I have a full plate at the moment.

For fifteen years, I studied photography and still practice. I use the photo's throughout my website. The camera gear I use is a Nikon D50 with a variety of lenses. I typically don't use photoshop to edit pictures, so what you see is the RAW image. If I use photoshop, it will say it next to the image. Art comes in many forms and I enjoy it all. Sometimes all I want to do is grab a brush and paint on a canvas. Mostly abstract paintings are what I prefer. Oil painting, watercolor, or Acrylic it's all beautiful to me.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home dad and full-time student working online learning computer programming. My course consists of learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript for now. I enjoy making art in any form, whether it be music, photography, drawing, painting, or writing. I have so many hobbies that I always have different types of projects that I'm working on, and usually, it's more than one at a time. I try to use each hobby somehow to tie back into the Curse of Crowns novels and website. Although I enjoy writing, it can be challenging since I deal with dyslexia. I see numbers and letters backward, upside down, and sometimes extra. Also, wrong words often look correct. So, I must give a special thanks to those who keep me on the right track. If you are thinking about writing a book or a blog, I encourage you not to let anything hold you back. Always face the challenges and keep moving forward. I had dyslexia so bad that in the past that a simple email would take me hours to write, and a lot of times, my wife would end up writing it for me. Yes, I still have dyslexia, but it is getting better as I continue practicing writing. So far, I have published two novels and trying to get the third one ready for release.

When I first began writing Curse of Crowns, I originally was only going to have it released as one book. After some research and having some beta readers, they suggested that I turn it into a series. So I took their advice and divided it up into fifteen sections. Yes, I know it's a lot. Looking at the series in the bigger picture, book one in the War on all shores series was only intended to be the first chapter. Because of its length, I made smaller chapters, and Kings Transcend became book one. Now each chapter will become its stand-alone novel. I wrote a lengthy story, and there is so much effort in releasing it. So my goal is that I hope everyone that reads it has as much fun as I did while writing it.

In conclusion, I invite you to visit my website and check out all my other content. Please don't forget to subscribe. I'm always adding and posting new things.

If you're a blogger, reviewer, artist, fellow author, or want to reach out to me, contact me with your questions anytime.

Thanks for reading!



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