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Meet & Greet at Anime Town Greenville, SC.

Do you love Anime and Manga? How about Fantasy Fiction? As a fan of both, you will definitely want to mark your calendars and Join Author Garris L. R. Coleman and other Merchants for a meet and greet.

On September 8-10th, 2023, bring your copy of any of the Curse of Crowns series and get it personalized by the author himself. Not only will you get your copies signed, but you can chat with him and take some awesome photos together!

Don't worry if you're not a fan of Garris L. R. Coleman's work yet; you can still come and enjoy the event! Meet fellow anime and manga enthusiasts, grab some awesome merchandise, and maybe even discover a new artist and author to love. Who knows, perhaps you'll find yourself picking up a copy of Garris L. R. Coleman's book after hearing him talk about it in person!

For more information about Anime Town Greenville, SC, visit

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